Technology increases the amount of time people get to spend with other people.
In education and welfare, technology will create an environment where people can focus on work that only humans can do. In addition, by managing nursing care facilities, daycare centers, and after-school daycare services, we will resolve supply shortages, increase the amount of private time for parents and caregivers, and increase the amount of valuable time people can spend with others.


Creating a society where people can continue to live their lives their way.

In the current education and welfare sectors, issues such as low quality of services, low wages, and lack of time for core operations due to the burden of miscellaneous tasks exist. In addition, there is a problem of service users needing more supply or economic reasons to receive services. We hope to solve these problems through technology. Technology allows people to focus on their primary business, which brings out their value and improves their wages and social status. The resulting improvement in the quality of service allows service users to lead more personal lives.

In addition, reducing the supply shortage will lower prices, lessening the burden of childcare, education, and nursing care in the home and increasing the free time of those who support the service users. As a result, we will realize a society where people at all stages of life can continue to live their lives their way.


Goal and belief – Don’t forget your goal and belief
It is essential to work hard and make an effort. However, our efforts will be in vain if we take the wrong path. So, let’s keep our purpose and beliefs in mind and move forward in the right direction.

Solving problems – Tackle problems that can be solved
Not all problems can be solved and working on issues that cannot be solved is the same as playing. Stop and think when you encounter a seemingly unsolvable problem. Can I break down the matter to the point where it can be solved? Do I have enough knowledge and experience to tackle this problem? Is there someone around me who can help solve the problem? Does the issue need to be solved now? There are many approaches to problems and even more problems to solve. Let’s work on the problem you really need to solve and move on.

GRIT – Value persistence and passion

If you take specific steps in the right direction, the only thing left to do is to persevere. It will not be an easy road, and it will often be tricky. However, passion will help you overcome the difficulties then. So let’s move forward with persistence and passion for a better future.