The Company


He started his web marketing in Japan as a freelancer in 2014. He continued and became tele-worker while traveling the world. He studied English in Cebu, Philippines in 2017 to improve his english communication skills. Then he was able to make friends with people from various countries like Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Thailand, and the Philippines. While studying in Cebu, he met the CEO of Nabepero Japan, Hiroki Watanabe, and joined his business. He is in charge of UI/UX design and the direction of system development.

Support for your career

We actively employ people who have no work experience in the IT industry.As part of our offshore business, we support your IT career by providing an environment where you can learn, not just the knowledge you need to work in our company such as WordPress and Google Spreadsheets, but also in the fields that you are interested in.

Life in Nabepero


Globally we are in a state of pandemic due to COVID-19. Social gatherings are prohibited leaving us no choice but to stay quarantined within our homes. The company is abiding …

That’s So Random

“BE WEIRD. BE RANDOM. BE WHO YOU ARE.” These are photos of everyday stuff happening in and out the office. Candid photos and selfies that everyone cherishes.

February Dinner Buffet

One way the company is doing to thank its employees’ hard work and dedication is taking them out for dinner. Doing it every month to ease the stress and busy …