Summer Excursion ’23

Whether it is weekly, quarterly, or even annually, scheduling a company outing is something that gives the employees something to look forward to other than their work deadlines. Aside from the fact that they get to relax, these types of activities help form bonds and connections with each other, not only beneficial to them but for the whole company as well. It increases their motivation and drive to do more, and at the same time, it’s beneficial for their mental health by relieving the pressure of the corporate environment. 

This year, the company decided to have its annual outing at the sea. Just off the coast of Cordova, Cebu, we rented out a boat and booked some water activities we could enjoy. The amount of food brought on that day was a lot. Starvation does not exist in this group. And that is always the case in every company gathering or even on a normal day at the office.  

While others were busy snorkeling, and getting thrown off from the banana boat, some were singing their lungs out by the karaoke machine while gorging on the lechon at the center table. These people really know how to let it loose. At one point in the afternoon, one of the Japanese members was giving free diving lessons, and most of the guys lined up to practice their diving skills. At first, funnily enough, you can see their struggle to maintain a proper posture but not for long they somehow got the hang of it. An outing wouldn’t be complete without doing a group photo. Wearing their company shirt, everyone smiled for the camera, capturing something they will never forget. It’s not a typical company outing where you organize some activities for them to do. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax, not think about work, and just do what people do on a normal beach day. Mingling, talking about each other’s interests outside of work, drinking and just having fun.

Engaged employees do not just work for the paycheck and promotion. They actually care for their job, the environment, and especially their peers. Having a work culture where people are valued, and receive a sense of fulfillment from what they do impacts greatly on their individual and company growth. 

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

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